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2014 Ford Expedition

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Friday, April 12th 2013. | Ford

Are you a lover of full-size SUV? Then, you have to take a look at the 2014 Ford Expedition. This is the largest truck-based SUV Ford has after its replacement toward Ford Bronco in 1997. The brand new of 2014 Ford Expedition can bring up to 9,200 pounds with 1,690 pounds as its maximum payload. It is available with eight seats and six trim classes; they are EL King Ranch, King Ranch, EL Limited, Limited, EL XLT, and XLT. All classes are equipped with four-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive. There is also low-range gearing in all classes.

2014 Ford Expedition Front Angle Photo

Although the design of 2013 Ford Expedition was succeeded, the 2014 Ford Expedition is going to change at all. It will be a similar SUV like the launching of the same type six years ago. For the 2014 design, it will be a real off-road car. Thus, it is good for people who want to take a trip in the rugged terrain. In the matter of body design, the design has no many differences, but the manufacturer convinces that the upcoming model is different in the matter of a real off-road SUV car. Because this is a car for off-road, the safety is what they concern the most. They provide 6-bag system and additional air in order to give more comfort and protection for the passengers. If there is an accident, the 911 Assist System is available and it will be beneficial.

2014 Ford Expedition Interior Dasboard Picture

The big improvement of the 2014 Ford Expedition is on the engine. This is a triton which has a capacity 5.4 liter SOHC 24-value. With such capacity, the engine can generate 310 horsepower and 365 lb-ft of torque. Also, it has wider space for bringing up more luggage. As the real off-road SUV car, it will provide more comfort during the journey.

2014 Ford Expedition Changes

2014 Ford Expedition exterior can offer eight color choices that area unit applied to the client, many choices havent been disclosed formally, our estimates would be the same as the forerunner Ford, however your analysis of your own?. we glance forward to later official revelation.

The company has unconcealed Ford can unharness new automobile thats 2014 Ford Expedition, the planning and magnificence of the more moderen and chic than its predecessors, we have a tendency to believe that the worldwide marketplace for future sales can beat alternative competitors, within the estimate can begin marketing early 2014 or late 2013.

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