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2014 Ford GT40 Concept

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Monday, April 29th 2013. | Ford

2014 Ford GT40 for You to Wait and See – Choosing a car can be a difficult task. You need to consider a lot of things before you choose a certain car. There are a lot of models of car you can choose. All car companies want to be the best so they always improve their car. Sometimes it can make the costumers confused because there are a lot of new cars coming. One of the companies that will launch another model of their car is Ford with 2014 Ford GT40. There is not so much information about this new car rather than that it is the improvement of the GT series. So before you decide to purchase this new car, you should know what you need from a car.

Ford Mustang GT Redesign

2014 Ford GT40 Interior

You should know whether you are going to drive your car alone or with your family. If you want to have a family car then you should choose a car with more passenger seats than a two-seater car. However, if you need a car for yourself then you can choose a different car. The new 2014 Ford GT40 can be classified as a single car. The design of 2014 Ford GT40 looks like a sedan, but with different style. The capacity of this new car might be only for 4 passengers including the driver.

Ford Mustang GT Interior Pictures

2014 Ford GT40 Exterior

The muscular, sculptured exterior design of the 2014 Ford GT40 is a modern interpretation of classic Mustang heritage. Ford designers worked to achieve a seemingly impossible feat – to give even more “muscle” to this iconic car. The result is an athletic-looking Mustang with continuous, flowing lines that emanate from highly sculpted surfaces.

Ford Mustang GT Rear

2014 Ford GT40 Engines

Another thing you should consider before purchasing a new car is whether you need a fuel-efficient car or not. If you need a fuel-efficient car then a hybrid will be right for you. Hybrid car is perfect for you who commute more than 30 miles a day to work or for you who spend the short commute in the morning. There is still not much information whether the 2014 Ford GT40 will use hybrid system or not. So maybe you need to check for it when Ford announces more information about this new car.

Ford Mustang GT Engines

Colors of 2014 Ford GT40

Besides that, the 2014 Ford GT40 colors are various. The existence of various colors those are available for this car allows people who are going to buy this car have more choices. This car also has a powerful performance. It is caused by this modern and luxurious car, 2014 Ford GT40 has a large capacity engine.

2014 Ford GT40 Price

The price of 2014 Ford GT40 has been known yet. So if you want to purchase this car, then maybe you have to guess the price from the previous models. Usually the price of a new car will be more expensive than the previous one. So you can check the price for the previous Ford GT series for guessing the price of 2014 Ford GT40. The Ford also has not decided about the official date of launching for this new model. You still have to wait until they finish with their car. We just have to wait and see what Ford will offer us.

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