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2014 Ford Thunderbird Concept

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Thursday, May 16th 2013. | Ford

People have already talked about 2014 ford thunderbird right now. I mean, come on man, this is 2013 and the new 2013 ford thunderbird has been lately released by Ford company. There is no such thing called 2014 thunderbird series yet. But I can’t blame you because this thunderbird car is a legend in worldwide car industries. The fame of this car is legit and this car is often becomes the most favorite cars for collectors around the world. One of the things that make this car so famous is surely Hollywood.

Ford Thunderbird Concept

2014 Ford Thunderbird Design

The 2014 ford Thunderbird is just a concept car, we can’t even see it yet on the internet. But, if ford going to release their 2014, I believe that the car will be epic. As we all know ford is one of the most American automobile manufacturers and it might the only American automobile company that can really compete with European and Japanese car in the context of selling number. That achievement is the sight that ford is trusted for their quality of the engine performance and design.

If we talk about 2014 ford Thunderbird, we can despise the fact that thunderbird is legendary car that made by ford to compete with other brands in that era like Cadillac and Chevrolet. This car has continuously developed to follow the change of the design taste of the market and the result of that development is great until now. The selling of 2014 ford thunderbird is not as high as ford mustang, but I still consider that this car is one of the most American cars that have ever made.

Ford Thunderbird Engines

I know that the car is absolutely amazing. The 2014 ford thunderbird series engine performance is solid. It equipped with Sequential multi-port fuel injection, five-speed automatic transmission, independent SLA type front and rear suspension and variable assist power rack-and-pinion steering. Those were absolutely great features and with this kind of features, I believe that 2014 ford thunderbird is ready to compete in the market.

After you all see those excellences of the 2013 Thunderbird series, I believe that people will expecting a lot of more in the 2014 series and that makes Ford has a lot of things to do to the new series. 2014 Ford Thunderbird is not yet to be released, but if you see the excellence of the 2013 series, I think the Thunderbird will be awesome.

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