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2014 Toyota Tacoma Concept

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Friday, April 12th 2013. | Toyota

Toyota Company reveals the release of the 2014 Toyota Tacoma although the price and date are not clear yet. It comes with more efficient and luxurious truck designs. On the front side, it tastes the Japanese. But the remaining body feels like really American. Several sources said that it will be officially introduced in the late 2013. Many sources assume that the price will start from $ 17,265. Thus, perhaps you can prepare the money from now on to buy it.

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2014 Toyota Tacoma Engine

The 2014 Toyota Tacoma V6 will come up with a pair of 7 liter in-line four cylinder (six- cylinder) and 260 horsepower with 260 lb-ft of torque. The direct injection and timing-head from variable-valve will produce the power up to 190 horsepower and 200 pound-rigid torque. Direct injection is another way to increase the efficiency of the fuel. It will increase from 5 up to 10%. This model will also come up with six-speed automatic transmission which is as well as manual transmission. It can approach 30 miles per gallon with its two-wheel-drive four-cylinder engine. Meanwhile, 26 miles per gallon will be nearer with six-cylinder engine.

2014 Toyota Tacoma Engines

In 2013, Toyota Tacoma won the category for “Best Compact Truck for the Money”. Due to the features improvement the 2014 Toyota Tacoma has, it will grab more attention and enthusiasm than the predecessor. It is designed with bigger fuel tank, luxurious and stylish look. Besides, hydraulic steering pump in the previous models will be replaced by an electric motor which is more efficient. It is better for the truck hunters to keep an eye on it.

2014 Toyota Tacoma Features

Changes made 2014 Toyota Tacoma features contained in the fuel tank is bigger, stylish and aggressive look than its predecessor, this change makes the customers become more enthusiastic. The concept is applied to the 2014 Toyota Tacoma done on the fuel, which serves to increase fuel economy by lowering the ride height that makes New Tacoma more aerodynamic. This will be done without lowering down to prevent too much ground clearance. We have also confirmed that the new dash is coming. The buttons are large will be back, but the layout of the dashboard will be modified. There will be new gauges and materials of better quality will be used.

2014 Toyota Tacoma Rear Angle Images

Toyota has long been a fan of variable valve timing (VVT), today some engines that run on a variable valve lift system. We’ve heard rumors that it can also be used in Toyota Tacoma 2014. Hydraulic steering pump is gradually replaced by a more efficient electric motor, Toyota likes to be among the pace setters, we’d be surprised if it does not introduce a new product for the power steering. With most car weight reduction embrace technology, we expect Toyota to follow the modern trend of using high strength steel.

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