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2015 Cadillac Elmiraj Concept Design

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Wednesday, August 28th 2013. | Cadillac

Early Information about 2015 Cadillac Elmiraj
The revelation of real pictures of 2015 cadillac elmiraj concept is one that seems to arise many people’s curiosity about the car. The good thing is that the manufacturer is willing to give some early information about the car to all of us. One sure thing is that this car will really be on production once it finishes following some needed tests. Moreover, it is also mentioned that this ride is the one that will really be available for sale sometime in the year of 2015. Information like this really makes the future car to be worth waiting for.

2015 Cadillac Elmiraj New Concept

More About Information New The 2015 Cadillac Elmiraj Engine and Exterior Design

What about the Engine and Performance of This Cadillac Elmiraj?
Other information that is also shared by the manufacturer about the 2015 cadillac elmiraj is related to the engine that will be used to adorn 2015 Cadillac Elmiraj. It is stated that the engine used in this car is the powerful one, which is the twin turbocharged V8 engine with a quite large capacity, which is 4.5L. The engine is even mentioned to be able to create for about 450hp. It is so reasonable then if this sedan is rumored to be the tough and powerful car that will enliven 2015 auto markets in some parts of the world.

Exceptionally Stylish Exterior Design
When it comes to the exterior, it cannot be denied that the design applied to this new 2015 cadillac elmiraj is simple exceptional. Even if it is just seen from the outside, people will know directly that this is very suitable vehicle for people with stylish personality. The new grille applied in the front of this car is rather large but still match the overall exterior theme. The body of this car is as glossy and sleek as seen in the pictures shared officially by the manufacturer. From the pictures, it is also known that midnight blue is a color that will be offered in options of exterior color of this stunning future car 2015 Cadillac Elmiraj.

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