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2015 Dodge Caliber Concept Redesign

2015 Dodge Caliber Concept Redesign 5 out of 5 based on 62 ratings.
Wednesday, July 10th 2013. | Dodge

2015 Dodge Caliber Concept Redesign – Chrysler has its own way to make a cheaper car, which not that cheap but still impressive. But I think they are failed to do this mission. The Dodge Caliber, it’s named like that, now is receives continuously change every year. But, it stills nothing like that if we compare with another car. The mainly problem of this car is how Dodge wants to cut out anything to keep the car cheaper.

Actually, maybe 2015 Dodge Caliber is a decent vehicle, but the experienced test driver considers its competitors offer quality and better performance at a price that is not much different, even the same. That became a problem, the machine Caliber assessed underpowered and too noisy. The problem is 2015 Dodge Caliber exacerbated by the optional continuously variable transmission (CVT) which was considered not qualified.

2015 Dodge Caliber user opinion felt quite pleased with this car it’s just not supported by the display and capable machine.

Mentioned drawbacks of this car on the mileage and acceleration of this car is much lower than the Chrysler model ever made, for example, as their youngest brother of the Neon. 2015 Dodge Caliber was heavier than its size dimensions. Do not have the energy (velocity) of the good or handling. The interior is also not good. We need to understand what Chrysler do with this car lately.

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