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2015 Honda Odyssey Hybrid

2015 Honda Odyssey Hybrid 4 out of 5 based on 56 ratings.
Saturday, September 14th 2013. | Honda

Special Offer of 2015 Honda Odyssey by Honda Shanghai
Honda Odyssey becomes new idol in Honda family. This wagon is considered one of the most comfortable family cars which can accommodate 5 people at once. Obviously, the very new Honda Odyssey series will come next year.

The new 2015 Honda Odyssey will appear with new interior and exterior design and features including the upgraded safety features.

2015 Honda Odyssey Redesign Model

Changes of 2015 Honda Odyssey

The upcoming Honda Odyssey is a family wagon which has luxurious interior and muscular exterior. The interior of this car represents high class wagon. The cabin appears in high quality covering with faux leather cloth in delightful latte color. The other equipments inside the cabin are colored black and silver.

Those colors really match each other. Outside of this car, we can find gorgeous body shape. The body is designed well under aerodynamic system. By doing so, the body of this car can support swift speed and avoid too much air pressure. On the other hand, this car is actually equipped with upgraded safety system such as accurate blind spot warning system, precise lane departure warning system, and forward collision warning system. The new airbag system is also used to give more protection to the passengers and driver.

Special Offer: Jade Honda Odyssey

Unlike the other 2015 Honda Odyssey models, the new Honda Odyssey produced by Honda in Shanghai comes with Jade concept. The Jade Honda Odyssey uses ultra-sharp S concept which represents high quality design and features. The new Honda Odyssey in Jade concept appears in limited jade colored body. Further, the body comes in sporty front bumper, rising belt line, and upgraded window sill.

It is equipped with large alloy wheels. Outside the different body design and interior, the new Honda Odyssey in Jade concept uses the same engine combined with 5-speed auto transmission. The new Honda Odyssey represents luxury and quality. The sporty family wagon concept is well presented in this car. The upgraded safety systems also become plus value for the new 2015 Honda Odyssey.

2015 Honda Odyssey Price

Definitely, there is no further information about when this car will be officially launched. However, the price offered for this car is expected around $29,000 up to $45,000.

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