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Cadillac Escalade 2014 Concept

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Tuesday, May 21st 2013. | Cadillac

There is a car that is going to be released soon in next year from cadilac car company which is known as Cadilac Escelade 2014. The design of this car actually is a secret design which has not been from the company. However, it has been leaked and spreaded widely on the internet. Based from some pictures in the site, I surely agree that the outlook from this car looks like a blueberry fruit that is ready to be eaten. It is such a fresh blueberry that is not too raw and not too hard to consume. Yeah, that is the first sense after looking at the whole looks of this car.

Cadillac Escalade Black

Cadilac Escelade 2014 Price

This car is stated as the biggest car that that they ever made, and the car is luxury enough. You can get this Cadilac Escalade 2014 with the price about $63,000. It is considered as the most expensive price of a car due to the full size SUV type car. This car company has been produced car since 2007 which has been improved all of the details and the feature inside.

Cadilac Escalade 2014 : The Generation
This Cadilac Escalade 2014 is considered as the 3rd generation from Escalade type, and actually I must admit that the Escalade type car is considered as a type car that is not so popular to the market. People rarely buy this Escalade type car from the car company, most people usually buy another type of car from the car company.

Cadilac Escelade 2014 Redesign

However, they stated that using the latest Escalade design that is known as Cadilac Escalade 2014. The car company stated that this car has been decided a long times ago, and this car surely understand what most people need in a full size SUV car. There are actually pretty much positive comments about this Cadilac Escalade 2014 which is going to be released soon. The positive comments is coming from many social media and has been added into Cadilac Escalade 2014 Review.

The car company has studied from their failure in the first and second generation of Cadilac type car based on Cadilac Escalade 2014 Information. And now they are using the Cadilac Escalade 2014 to be the car that will be raised in the graphic chart of selling, and they surely believe that this car will have more fans in the market than the Cadilac like 2 generations before of Cadilac Escalade 2014.

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