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Concept of 2014 Honda Urban SUV vs CR-V

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Monday, September 23rd 2013. | Honda

Most people predict the new 2014 honda urban. Honda is best auto manufacture in the world. This auto company always creates new car that uses high technology system. That is why so many people like to buy car from Honda than from other auto manufacture. Not all people know the differences between 2014 Honda Urban and CRV.

2014 honda urban suv new concept

Actually there are some differences that we can see between Honda Urban and Honda CRV. What are some differences? You better continue to read this article and you will get the answer.

Honda Urban Design

2014 honda urban will be made with shorter body than CR-V. Actually the style of Honda Urban will be similar with coupe style. Now coupe design is famous design for some cars in the world. Honda Urban is made as the low cost vehicle. It is different with CR-V.

2014 honda urban release date design

CR-V will be promoted as the luxury family car for all people in the world. You can see the difference in the back door too. The pint sized of Honda Urban will be made in smaller size too than CR-V. When you see inside this car, you will find some things such as fold flat seats, low rear floor, and some other things.

The Engine System of Honda Urban

There is no clear information about the new 2014 honda urban power engine but the engine system for the Honda Urban will be more economical and usually will use four cylinder system. Honda Urban will give better performance too. You who have limit budget but you really want to get better car, you better get Honda Urban. This car will become the best choice for you.

2014 honda urban specs model

You can find some other differences between Honda Urban and CR-V or with some other cars design in some sites. When you want to buy the new 2014 Honda Urban, please make sure that you read car’s review first.

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